A chance encounter between two undergraduate students in August 2004 would ultimately lead them to form an organization with the ambitious goal of making the USF Tampa campus a safer place. After advertising the new organization, there was a resounding positive response. Relationships were formed with USF Administration, Student Health Services, College of Public Health and a local ambulance company, American Medical Response, to develop a First Responder training program under the license of the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI). In the past 13 years, UEMSA has trained and certified over 500 First Responders - or the new classification - Emergency Medical Responders (EMR). With medicine advancing everyday, we provide the most up-to-date information to our students. Our programs are taught using the current standards of treating medical and traumatic emergencies, including the American Heart Heart Association's 2015 guidelines for BLS CPR and AED use.

In 2013, UEMSA leadership met with Student Health Services to discuss a partnership in the management of all Automated External Defibrillators (AED) on the USF Tampa campus. The Campus AED Management Program (CAMP) was developed with the goal of locating and maintaining all AEDs as well as training designated USF personal in CPR and the use of the AEDs.

In early 2015, UEMSA and Student Health Services collaborated to develop a clinical volunteer program for our EMR graduates. The program allows persons with an EMR certification or higher to volunteer on campus in the Student Health Clinic. Volunteers gain direct patient care and clinical hours that they can use towards their degree program requirements. 


Mission and Goals

UEMSA is designed for students who aspire for a career in healthcare, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), medicine, or just looking for a unique leadership opportunity.

Our goals are to provide the education necessary for seeking those careers through educational lectures, EMR and CPR certification, and practical experience in emergency medicine. We also hope to foster new interest in the field of emergency medicine.

Our mission is to raise the bar of safety on the USF Tampa campus and in the community with educational opportunities and when appropriate, a campus–based, student run, volunteer rescue EMS system.



Chief (President)

Deputy Chief (Vice President)

Director of Operations

Director of Social Media and Recruitment

Chief Financial Officer

USF Faculty Advisor

Eric Arbeli, EMT

[email protected] (Organizational leadership inquiries only. For questions regarding the EMR/CPR courses, volunteering, first-aid stand-by services, or other general questions, please use the Contact Us form)

Austin Jared, EMT

Aaron Gadomski, EMT & Devon Durham, EMT

Victoria Heidersberger, EMT & Delanie Dantuma, EMT

Sebastian Smith, EMT

Stephen Poff, M.D.


SHS Volunteer Program 


Director of SHS Volunteer Services

 Assistant Director of SHS Volunteer Services


Scheduling Officer

Training Officers

Tabitha Mahoney, EMT

Hayley Kessler, EMT

Delanie Dantuma, EMT

Victoria Heidersberger, EMT

Amber Donnovan, EMT

Brittany Raymond, EMT

Education Coordinator

EMR Course Director

CPR Course Director

Medical Director

Kaitlyn Armstrong, Paramedic

John Beauchemin, Paramedic

Eric Arbeli, EMT

Stephen Poff, M.D.


UEMSA Director

Devon Durham, EMT


Past Chiefs

Morgan Gmytruk

Tyler Conti

Matheus Tesser

Wesley Giuliano

Victor Maduro

Dan Dennis

Daren Spinelle

Nick Studer

Ari Rubinstein (Founder)

Aitan Zacharin (Founder)

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